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    1. Yes that is sadly true and not easy to answer. But my sentence has a double meaning. On the one hand you can hear it as “God made it out of love” (or “makes” it out of love – when you think creation as a continuous process with the meaning: God keeps it all running / has the world in his hands.). Or you hear it as “love is the substance or material by which the world is made. Both meanings are possible. Your objection is justified and I am maybe to optimistic. It’s a few years ago that I had that thought. And I believe to remember that I originally meant it in the second meaning. So you understand it right. But I don’t want to give last answers – we all know Vragensteller that’s impossible – but I want to inspire people to think about their lives and their meaning in the universe. Another strong question, which goes in the direction of your objection is, why is there so much suffering in the world, which God tolerates and does not change or finish it? I can’t answer it finally. But I have learned to accept my smallness, that I can’t answer everything. I also learned to look at the good things which happen in the world. To question the existence of God because of the suffering and hatred in the world was never an option. Thanks a lot for your inspiring question, Vragensteller! All the best, Volker

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