End Time


So as if one turns up his coat collar against the cold wind, lights a candle with the last match. So we tighten our belts, concentrated on the essentials. Waiting and awaiting. In a time, which greedily hurtles towards the abyss. The end of time. End time. Dawned by the man from Nazareth.

The creation is pregnant in labor pains, waiting for redemption. As we wait for Christmas, we long for the day of his comeback. The Earth groans tired in its axis. The new morality is: “tolerance” and “everything is permitted”. Because they have forgotten God, they go in circles and are wild desperate to squeeze every last drop of life out of their finiteness.

And we – close ranks. No, we cannot close our hearts, urgent the day of his return. Watch, pray, fast, heal and love, because his outlines are already visible from afar. The end of time. Fulfillment of our lives.