Realm of Heaven is like a treasure in an acre


When we don’t understand Jesus’ stories today anymore, or when we mean, that we still haven’t understood them, may be the reason, that the truth in this stories is too easy, too trivial: The realm of heaven is like a treasure in an acre. “So?” – Stories, which we know by heart, which are more boring for us as the fifth repetition of a thriller in TV.

Can’t you already imagine, because you are sitting the whole day at your desk, as it is to dig over a stony acre for hours and days, who isn’t at all your own but you have to pay for it a high rent? As it is, when you can feel the accusing and red-cried eyes of your wife in your neck, without looking, because you know her, your wife, who hungry is nursing the baby, and you are still not through with the acre, because every fiber of your worn out body hurts and your breaks always are becoming longer, because you are done? As it is than, when your shovel suddenly is striking something hard, you haven’t still looked exactly, because you are so tired, but it sounds somehow different, hollowly. You are so in ecstasy, that you are now on your knees and with breaking fingernails, no… that can’t be… oh God…

The people at the time of Jesus probably understood such a story much deeper as we can today. Such precious is the realm of heaven, like a treasure in an acre!
(From “Who Are You, Jesus?”)