Banana Split


Last Thursday something strange happened to me. I was on the move in Dresden and wanted to eat something fast. I was a little bit in a hurry, because my launch break was only until half past twelve. So I ordered a pizza. While I was waiting I looked in the dessert menu. There was offered in colorful glossies beneath all other desserts also banana split. I didn’t eat banana split for years. The photo made my mouth watering. Did I make it yet, is there still enough time, shouldn’t I order also banana split?

Then I put the menu back. After a few seconds it was again in my hands. Due to the lack of time I finally decided against it. So far so good and so far nothing fancy.

Some minutes later the waiter stepped from the left side nearly soundlessly behind me. My thoughts were still with the dessert. How surprised I was, that the waiter put a plate with the desired banana split in front of me.

Oh, thank you, but I ordered pizza. Certainly this belongs to someone else.” “Ah, sorry.”

He turned on his heels and took the dessert where it certainly impatiently was expected. The whole story is a riddle for me. But I marvel about the power of thoughts.