Psalm 139


Lord, you study me and know me.

You know if I sit or if I get up; you understand my thoughts from afar If I walk or lie, you are with me and see all my ways. You know before, what I want to say. You protect me from all sides and hold your hand over me. The experience of your presence is wonderful for me and too high; I can’t understand it.

I can’t hide from you. If I fly into heaven, so you are there. If I go to hell, so you are there too. If I take the wings of dawn to hide at the utter ocean, you would lead and guide me there too. If I say: Darkness shall hide me! So even the night must be light around me. For even darkness is not dark with you, the night shines with you like the day, darkness is like light with you.

You created me with every fibre in my mother’s womb. I thank you, that you created me so wonderful. All your works are wonderful, I know that now. You know me, although my origin finally is a wonder. Your eyes saw me, although I didn’t still exist, you know my future, although it lies ahead of me.

How precious are your thoughts to me, God! You have so many thoughts! They are more numerous than the sand grains of this world. When I wake up, you are my first thought.

Oh God, may you annihilate the godless, which are greedy for my blood! For they blasphemize your name, and they are hostile to me without reason. I hate, who hate you, Lord. It saddens me, that they are against you. My hate is real; they have become enemies to me.

Study me with body and soul, God, study my deepest motives. When I am on a bad way, take me back on your good, eternal way.