Dream Job


A few days ago I wanted to check if I still surf with the cheapest rate. So I went to the market of my trust to ask the cellphone seller, whom I’ve been knowing since a few years and even from another shop in another city – such is life – what would be my best conditions.

Everybody who closed an online contract – and who hasn’t that today? – knows that one talks about occupation and surf habits, and in no time one is involved in a personal talk. So it was, when I closed my online contract with my cellphone seller 2 years ago. One talks about this and that, even about God and Zen meditation, because the chemistry is good.

“Didn’t you then worked in G.”, I asked him, when I started to recognize him. Already then, I remembered, he told me that his job was only temporary. Actually he were a social pedagogue. Maybe that was 10 years ago. And now when I wanted to close my contract, he told me the same story again. First by that I recognized him.

10 years – what a long time! He was unhappy and his dreams about “something else” were still vivid. But he never made the change. How tragic, I thought then. He seemed to be haggard and overworked. Sadly I imagined how he would be in 10 years. Would he still dream unhappily about something else, would he be burned out and bitter?

Last week I already looked forward to seeing him now after 2 years, when I wanted to ask for his advice. But his place was empty. When I asked a colleague for him, I got the answer: “Oh Mr. … isn’t here since a long time. He is doing now something else… something totally else.” Saying that a slight smile flickered over his face. “Something in the social area?”, I supposed. “Yes, exactly.”

Finally! He has made the change and is finally working in his dream job. I sent him my regards “supposed he will drop in sometime.” But I hardly could speak because of my joy.