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      1. You are welcome Volker 😊Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog

        http:// authorabhijith.com


        1. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years. Everything depends on inspiration. Hope God will stay with me and will send me good thoughts.
          Thank you for following my blog! Look here around, there are maybe other texts you possibly like. When I have a little bit more time I will do this at your blog too. Thanks for your invitation, God bless you!

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    1. Everything OK, Abhijith? You know, why I’m asking?!

      Uhh, I got the massage from wordpress.com “This blog isn’t available…” but it meant ….wordpress.com your old blog. I found your blog a few minutes later. Have a nice day! Volker

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