Dreams and the Here and Now


What I sometimes dream a nonsense! I wish I could record my dreams to watch them again the next day. Compared with them every virtual reality is a joke.

For some time we are looking for our salvation in the moment. And really, when we stay with our thoughts in the past, the past darkens with its dark shadows our presence or when we glorify the golden past the now then also the presence becomes a shadow of itself. Not to mention the future, who actually is one step to the next moment. When we are such paralyzed from nothing but past, that we don’t dare to go in the future, what is that for a life – in the presence.

But don’t let us delude ourselves. Even if we know that the mantra of “Here and Now” is right and we only can live and be happy in the presence, that’s just only half the truth.

Our subconsciousness knows it better. The past doesn’t let itself easily put aside. We can’t easily cut it like a thread but have to – whether conscious or unconscious – tediously unknot them like a confused thread in our dreams.

Who I am today is the result of my life story, so my past. My experience is sourced by it. Everything what I know even when I know that I know nothing, I have learnt in the past. Even the eternal God, who is present in the moment, writes himself in our experiences and becomes part of time and space.

Our time is in God’s hand that means eternity draws through our lifes from yesterday to tomorrow, we are in God’s hand, we can live secure and protected under his wings. What ever is happening, we cannot fall out of the presence of the eternal God.

I remember good and bad times. But you always was with me, God.