first I feared your beauty
but your words are killing me
I jumped to the stars
and dived in dark seas
I found nothing what I could give you
that fits your tender love
my brave warrior
I’m longing for your bright eyes
to look into your soul
to touch your lips
I’m so frightened
don’t laugh at me
how long my angel
how long

Water has no bars


Nobody can walk on water because water has no bars.
If Jesus could walk on water, I don’t know.

Walking on land, leaving your marks there, that is possible.
But what is, if there suddenly is no solid ground under your feet but only water?
Do I dare to go on then?

Only one step, the next step.
The feet are already bloody but only the next step.
And tomorrow another one.

I experience, the water, so life itself, carries me.
Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – and then the day.

Prayer in hectic times


when my heart
is filled with my daily routine
don’t give up to reach me

when I don’t have time
to care of you
take care of me

when the world around me
needs my full attention
so that I forget you
don’t forget me

when I go my own way
go with me
and give yourself back to me again

when I’m afraid of the future
open my heart for your love
which drives away every fear