Love is strong as Death (free epub)


In the times of facebook, instagram, whatsapp and snapchat it’s hard to find true love. What is really meant seriously or is only a game of flirting with symbols of hearts and blown kisses to feel superficially in love? Often you don’t want to meet in reality, because you are afraid of a real relationship.

Two who were badly in love were the lovers of the book “Song of Songs” presumably written in the 6th century BC. “The Song offers no clue to its author or to the date, place, or circumstances of its composition.” (Wikipedia) but love is timeless and the name of the lovers doesn’t matter. Vice versa therefore it could be “you and me” or every man and woman nowadays. It’s very astonishing that you find the book in the biblical canon. The Christian Church only took it in its Canon, because they understand the verses as symbols for the relationship between Christ and his church. But modern theology doubts that seriously. Me too.

Let yourself be inspired and enriched by this deep words either you are living in a longtime relationship or you are currently in love with somebody!