if you knew
how hard it was for me
to conquer my fear
to mail you
afraid being rejected
the thought
no everything
in my life
my well build facade
my daily routine
could be destroyed
through my love to you
to move away
to change my life totally
but I’ve already gone too far
opened up too much
to go back again easily
I’m tired of my old life
too much has changed
already in me
feeling trapped



when I look back
I have to admit
I really have changed
am I sorry about that
not at all
I feel like an artist
whose new album
has a totally different style
my brothers and sisters
I’m really exhausted
always talking about
bible verses and meditation
love love love
life love freedom
don’t be afraid of your wild hearts

A New Morning


more than ever
your vulnerability
freaks me out
your deep wisdom
I can’t fathom
I feel you more than ever
your strength to dare
to become yourself
deep inside we know
we are free in ourselves
I know I can’t hold you
I don’t try it
but no other city can give you
a home
like no other person can do
love grows only in freedom

I would like to tell you so much
about my love to you
but I don’t want to spoil it
indeed the more open you become
the more you are a mystery to me
and now I have to wait
I don’t know for what
maybe for a new morning
and another one
for other months and new opportunities
longing to forget you
that someone else finds my heart
that I can live again