Praying – 2nd Edition (Free Epub)

2nd Edition!!! – If somebody would asked me “What would you make differently in your life, if you could start from scratch?” I would answer: “I would pray more and would trust in God more.” “Praying”, the trustful conversation with God is so naturally for the Christians like the air we need to breathe. That is easy said. Is it clear to us, that our faith dwarfs to an ideology, when we don’t pray anymore? Our faith lives by the prayer. Praying is the breathing of the faith. And nevertheless: often we don’t know how we should pray. Even the disciples of Jesus, which come from a rich Jewish praying tradition, don’t know exactly what they should say in the prayer. Actually astonishing, they yet knew the Psalms, the prayer book of the Jews. “How shall we pray?” they ask Jesus. His answer is the “Our Father”. But prayer is much more.What prayer is shall be reflected in this little book. In addition to that I show with own prayers how one can pray. Different scriptures illuminate how the Jews, how Jesus and the early Christians prayed.

Jesus – Blue Eyes, White Heart (Free Epub)


When Jesus wanted to show his female and male disciples what true greatness was, he placed a child in their midst: “Look, if you don’t become like this child here, you can’t recognize God.

Believing like a child. Believing like Jesus. Jesus who carefree trusts in God, like a child in its parents. And God finds a place in his heart, that is free and open for him.

Lately I often talked with people about faith in God. Not very successfully, how I suppose. This is due to the bible meanwhile has becoming totally unknown to the people.

I offer you with “Jesus – blue eyes, white heart” to get to know Jesus.
Who was Jesus, what was his motivation, how was his relation to his next, how was his relation to God, what did he preach?

Let yourself be touched by the simple language of the Gospel of Mark. Get to know the parables of Jesus as they are told by the Gospel of Luke. There is nothing what would be dry and boring. Quite the contrary. The stories are down-to-earth and honest. They draw a picture of the religious Jew Jesus who swims against the mainstream of Jewish religiousness at his time.

If you get involved with him and his sermons, you will realize how up-to-date his message is, because it is timeless: “Love God and your Next like your Self.”, “Money can’t buy you happiness.”, “Don’t worry, for God worries for you.”, “Your life is precious.”

At the end of the book you find a creed by me, and I explain how I understand the Christian faith.

Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve: Christ is born into the darkness of this world. Mary and Joseph, a handful of shepherds, the sages from the Orient, maybe no one has understood the dimension of the birth of this little child. All human, rational wisdom must surrender here at the manger. Even more the mind or the brain is not at all capable of understanding what is happening here and who lies in the manger. This is as if you wanted to listen with your eyes and to see with your ears. That won’t work. Faith in Christ is born in the heart. Our hearts understand what our minds cannot believe. Where our minds only see a helpless newborn and filth and poverty, our hearts see the essential.

Only who can (still) believe like a child can recognize God in the child in the manger. Don’t let yourselves be fooled by shine and glamor, by luxury and prosperity, by a flawless, clean skin and a pretty face. These are outward appearances, which get many Likes in a superficial Facebook and Instagram world, but which distract from the essential. The essential is invisible to the eyes. And this essential is exemplified by Christ, because God has taken shape in him.

Love, peace, goodness, justice are given a new meaning by Jesus and outshine everything what we have known so far. Love means for us “birds of a feather flock together”, for him “love your enemies”. Peace means for us armistice, for him “my peace I give you”. Goodness means for us “I do something for you, you do something for me” for him “if someone asks you for your shirt, give him also your coat”. Justice means to us “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, for him “I forgive you, don’t sin no more in the future”.

What had begun as the birth of a little boy in a dark backyard of history became after Jesus’ life, death and resurrection to a world religion. As an Olympic torch is passed from nation to nation, the fire of faith sets the hearts of many people around the world on fire. As the Universe is expanding continuously after the Big Bang, the message of God who wants himself to reconcile with the humans is spreading continuously.

But the physicists assume that after the Big Bang the Universe contracts itself again. What the scientists predict for the universe in a few billion years is already true today for the Christian faith. It is oppressive to see how the Christian faith becomes less important. I wish I had a patent, but I did not.

Perhaps the structures of the Church first must fall apart until the humans can ask new for God again. Perhaps we first must fail and break in personal crises until we are capable again to see the essential. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I remember the Sermon of the Mount. How careless Jesus simply trusted in God our Father. Whatever happens, we are in God’s hand.

“So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Mt 6:31-34)

God and the humans – a parable


Still again a view decades of eternity were passing by and God was bored.

Where are the good old days when I created the whole cosmos with planets, plants, animal and… oh yes, humans. The human, what a disappointment. I wanted to create a counterpart for me, according to my image, to whom I can chat and chum up. Instead he doesn’t care about me at all. And those who say they would love me slaughter animals, for they think, I would like blood. The poor animals.

The human, he gives me a lot of trouble. And somehow I simply don’t understand him. I meant it well and now this: the humans forgot me, love money, power and Eros, this I didn’t expect.

And God stands up from his throne, one hand on his back, because he has been sitting in his almightiness  there such a long time and his back aches a little. He looks at the calendar and then in his wardrobe. Now he has everything what he needs and God hits the road. Now he is just a little bit nervous. Who cares, what can happen to me, he thinks.

God has taken off his almightiness and has put it on his throne, somehow the whole earth must continue to rotate, and there where he wants to go, it would only disturb him.

And God does something, what only God can do. The humans indeed pretend that they also can do and pretend to be God, but of course everybody knows, that this is pure nonsense. But Got can change his identity. Just so. He becomes a human.

He learns a proper trade, how it befits, goes to the Synagogue to the services and has forgotten himself as God. He left his almightiness, I’m repeating myself, because of equal opportunity, but his main characteristic traits, his goodness, his inner freedom and boundless love, of them he thought, maybe it is not bad, when I take them with me to earth, maybe I can remind through them the humans on something. Let’s see.

And at the beginning it’s going quite well. He talks of God and what the basic in life is: love. And not only this, he exemplifies how you can live as human a fulfilling life. And that only works in harmony with God and your fellow human.

But the lovely fellow human…

Indeed the simple people ran after him, but the better society was not so enthused of him. The religious establishment, which of course knows God better than he knows himself, doesn’t like his gospel at all. At the end God has back up against the wall. The crowd which first hyped him, drops him like a hot potato.

To the cross with you, you good human. We feel bad, when we see you. We are quite satisfied with our mediocrity. We prefer to be in a rut and would like to be left alone.

And God’s love is kicked in the mud of the road. But some humans with a childlike heart don’t let him down. Still they can’t avoid the worst: God is nailed as a human to the cross.

Everything seems to be lost, at least according to human standards. Here, everything is completely different. And it seems, humanly speaking, that even God would have learned something: How it is to be a human.