Footsteps in the Darkness (Free Epub)


I’ve gone through a lot of dark times in my life. Especially if you are thin-skinned and sensitive like me, you get fast touched by the events around you. But I don’t want to become cool and tough because vulnerability is the main characteristic of a fulfilled human life. When you can’t feel pain you can’t feel joy as well. My prayers and blessings are the result of my struggles against the darkness. They helped me to overcome the times when I had the blues. Maybe they can comfort you too or inspire you to write down your own feelings and prayers.

Evening Prayer


and now
in the evening
the day resounds
in my tired body
I lay it back
in your hands
that was the best
I could do

and tomorrow
I don’t know
but you are always
yesterday today and tomorrow
are in front of you
like a whiff of your eternity

the silent of this moment
I feel protected by your tender power
humbly I bow down
to your humanity
grateful for your helping heart
in dark times

Wings of Dawn (from Psalm 139)


I can’t hide from you. If I fly into heaven, so you are there. If I go to hell, so you are there too. If I take the wings of dawn to hide at the utter ocean, you would lead and guide me there too. If I say: Darkness shall hide me! So even the night must be light around me. For even darkness is not dark with you, the night shines with you like the day, darkness is like light with you.