You let yourself strike twice.
You give away your last shirt.
You look after the lost.
Your crown is not of gold.
Your throne is the street.
Your hands and your heart are broken.

How can we then live differently than sheep among wolves?

Psalm 4


Listen to me when I call to you, God. Lord, you give me justice, and you comfort me in my fear. Be merciful to me and listen to my prayer!

You people with power, how long do you want to spit in my face? You stroke yourselves in your self-complacent vanity over your overeaten bellies and pervert the facts as you like.

But watch out! Don’t underestimate the power of God, who listens to my prayers and protects my ways.

My brothers and sisters, if they make you see red, don’t let your anger grow to hatred, but open your hearts in the silence in front of God. If possible, don’t do wrong and hope in the Lord.

Many of us have already given up hope that the good will win in the end.
Lord, fill us with your presence, and let your face shine upon us, that we may hope again.

The powerful trust in their social position in society, but you fill my heart with joy.

So I can sleep peacefully. You alone are my fortress and confidence, what already can people do to me.

Human Impotence


who only feels strong
because he is in society in a stronger position
from which he can oppress others
cannot be proud of his superiority
quite the contrary
he should be ashamed of his paltriness
but he never has dared to penetrate
the region of his own weakness
because he never has experienced enough LOVE
for love is needed
to look at your own shadow
and to be able to live with yourself