Goose Flesh


you are a surprise
who has bewitched me
the whole day I have to think of you
your erotic is so exquisite that I shiver
you wind me round your little finger
with a smile
you make me crazy
with every view
your eyes are open
mysterious and tempting
your lips make me fantasizing
and time becomes eternity
my waiting  is a sweet lust

Spirituality vs. Sexuality?


from the point of view of eternity
we are souls in a body
but now we are on earth
and we cannot live without our bodies
if the soul suffers the body suffers too
if the body suffers the soul suffers too
body and soul are a unit
and two aspects of our identity
to this identity belongs a spiritual life
but in the same degree a sexual life
spirituality is not from the first good
sexuality is not from the first bad
both are two sides of the same coin
which is our identity
neglecting one side makes you ill
with other words
agape and eros
are no enemies
but have to go hand in hand
to live a fulfilled life of love