Bloody Feet


Nobody can walk on water because water has no planks.
If Jesus could walk on water, I don’t know.

Walking on land, leaving your tracks there, that is possible.
But what is, if there suddenly is no solid ground under your feet but only water?
Do I dare to go on then?

Only one step, the next step.
The feet are already bloody but only the next step.
And tomorrow another one.

I experience, the water, so life itself, carries me.
Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – and then the day.



if you knew
how hard it was for me
to conquer my fear
to mail you
afraid being rejected
the thought
no everything
in my life
my well build facade
my daily routine
could be destroyed
through my love to you
to move away
to change my life totally
but I’ve already gone too far
opened up too much
to go back again easily
I’m tired of my old life
too much has changed
already in me
feeling trapped

You know me


you know me
I love the deep sad and broken
because they know the real meaning of life
and they are like me
even the beauty of the most beautiful
will fade away with time
but your beauty will stay forever
because your heart is full of love
my angel
even if you can’t belief my words
my hands close every wound
and my lips kiss every pain away