Spirituality vs. Sexuality?


from the point of view of eternity
we are souls in a body
but now we are on earth
and we cannot live without our bodies
if the soul suffers the body suffers too
if the body suffers the soul suffers too
body and soul are a unit
and two aspects of our identity
to this identity belongs a spiritual life
but in the same degree a sexual life
spirituality is not from the first good
sexuality is not from the first bad
both are two sides of the same coin
which is our identity
neglecting one side makes you ill
with other words
agape and eros
are no enemies
but have to go hand in hand
to live a fulfilled life of love

Dream Job


A few days ago I wanted to check if I still surf with the cheapest rate. So I went to the market of my trust to ask the cellphone seller, whom I’ve been knowing since a few years and even from another shop in another city – such is life – what would be my best conditions.

Everybody who closed an online contract – and who hasn’t that today? – knows that one talks about occupation and surf habits, and in no time one is involved in a personal talk. So it was, when I closed my online contract with my cellphone seller 2 years ago. One talks about this and that, even about God and Zen meditation, because the chemistry is good.

“Didn’t you then worked in G.”, I asked him, when I started to recognize him. Already then, I remembered, he told me that his job was only temporary. Actually he were a social pedagogue. Maybe that was 10 years ago. And now when I wanted to close my contract, he told me the same story again. First by that I recognized him.

10 years – what a long time! He was unhappy and his dreams about “something else” were still vivid. But he never made the change. How tragic, I thought then. He seemed to be haggard and overworked. Sadly I imagined how he would be in 10 years. Would he still dream unhappily about something else, would he be burned out and bitter?

Last week I already looked forward to seeing him now after 2 years, when I wanted to ask for his advice. But his place was empty. When I asked a colleague for him, I got the answer: “Oh Mr. … isn’t here since a long time. He is doing now something else… something totally else.” Saying that a slight smile flickered over his face. “Something in the social area?”, I supposed. “Yes, exactly.”

Finally! He has made the change and is finally working in his dream job. I sent him my regards “supposed he will drop in sometime.” But I hardly could speak because of my joy.