There is always a Way


my view goes endlessly
it smells like adventure
the road looks innocent
it snakes itself
black and tempting
boundlessly into the horizon
everything seems possible
remembering the old days of freedom
but suddenly
the flash is over
I have to hold my horses
two month of duty
two month of fulfillment
I’m not sad
there is always a way
freedom arises from a free heart



Today I have signed a contract for my internship. And guess where I will work in the next 2 month? It will start next Monday at the Salvation Army. I will work in their office and in their second hand shop. I’m expecting an exciting time.

Please support my work with good thoughts and your prayers!

Thanks a lot!

The 3 Pillars of Life


laugh live love

life is too short to waste your time with a bad mood
often we are annoyed about small things
and sorrow about things in the future which will never happen
the past is gone
all what we have is this moment

life is vivid and cannot be understood by our minds
we have to live it not to think it

life is full of hatred greed and competition
therefore learn to love
when you have learned to love yourself
you can love everyone
love is the purpose of our lives

Spirituality vs. Sexuality?


from the point of view of eternity
we are souls in a body
but now we are on earth
and we cannot live without our bodies
if the soul suffers the body suffers too
if the body suffers the soul suffers too
body and soul are a unit
and two aspects of our identity
to this identity belongs a spiritual life
but in the same degree a sexual life
spirituality is not from the first good
sexuality is not from the first bad
both are two sides of the same coin
which is our identity
neglecting one side makes you ill
with other words
agape and eros
are no enemies
but have to go hand in hand
to live a fulfilled life of love