Mandala Stone

there is no need to talk about Pentecost
I simply just don’t want to add other explanations
what happened Pentecost
it’s not about words
too many words have already been spoken
it’s not about the past
it’s not about the mind
it’s about the now
it’s about hearts
it’s about being
it’s about power
it’s about fire
it’s about destruction
it’s about stony hearts
it’s about new creation

Bloody Feet


Nobody can walk on water because water has no planks.
If Jesus could walk on water, I don’t know.

Walking on land, leaving your tracks there, that is possible.
But what is, if there suddenly is no solid ground under your feet but only water?
Do I dare to go on then?

Only one step, the next step.
The feet are already bloody but only the next step.
And tomorrow another one.

I experience, the water, so life itself, carries me.
Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – and then the day.

Christ is risen


Christ is risen
death is burned to ashes
he freed us from prison
death is thrown to trashes
we laugh with tears
dancing around
goodbye you fears
we never were alone
love is the only ground
rolled away the stone
we walk in his light
and grow like a tree
God makes us alright
our hearts are free

Easter 2018


When the newly renovated Church of the Holy Sepulchre over the tumb of Jesus was made accessible to the public again, the German journalist Petra Gerster states in the news program “heute” (“today”): “… the tradition has been assuming that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is above the grave with Jesus corpse. “

But “the tradition” also has been assuming that the tomb of Jesus is empty. Therefore because the biblical testimonies report that Jesus bodily rose from the dead.

Have we now to be afraid that some archaeologists will still find the body of Jesus?

I myself was not yet in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and don’t know anything definite about whether the supposed grave of Jesus was ever opened, or if this was prevented by the Christian churches.

I should know it or could inform myself, but it never interested me. Just as little I am interested in the shroud of Jesus. I don’t understand the efforts which were taken, why they did waste so much money to proof its originality. Maybe I am too much Protestant. The Holy Grail, splinter of Jesus’ cross, fabric of Jesus’ garment circulated in the Middle Ages in large quantities and were sold for much money because they were supposed to have magic powers.

What kind of faith is that, which clings to material things, which believes to have captured something of Jesus’ holiness or presence there in this splinter of wood?

That is superstition, nothing else. Imagine how millions of people worship a shroud, that perhaps has nothing to do with Jesus. That it shows the sweat imprint of a nameless, who suffered the crucifixion, the cruel death penalty of the Romans.

Even if it is really the shroud of Jesus, its worship is just as well to reject. We do not worship a patch of cloth or an image of Jesus, but the one who was enshrouded in this linen, if he really was it. We adore and pray to Jesus Christ who is alive because God raised him from the dead.

As Christians we need not to be afraid of science because it only records what you can see and measure. If it had been so obvious and provable during Jesus’ lifetime that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God, wouldn’t have had all followed him, wouldn’t have had all “believed” in him? But the point is, multiplication of the loaves and stilling of the storm, healing of the sick and expelling of demons, are ultimately no proof of who Jesus was – or is. Just as little the beauty of creation is a proof of God’s existence.

If, therefore, one should find the corpse of Jesus, whose ribs are broken by the lance which the soldiers stuck in his body, and whose legs are not broken against the usual torture, would that not shock my faith or yours.

Such as the living body of Christ was no proof for who Jesus really was, the dead body of Christ wouldn’t be a proof that Christ is not risen. Because the dimension of faith has nothing to do with the visible but the invisible. The reality of faith is a matter of heart and is not constituted by facts.

I’m talking as simple about the “heart”, as if you could localize the faith there. Thereby for the medicine for a long time the heart is only an organ that pumps blood. Instead I could talk of “soul” or “identity” of the human as place where faith arises or dwells. But all these terms are only auxiliary means to be able to pass on own experiences, to let participate other humans in own experiences of God and to “incite” them to believe. To say: The human is more than food and drink, more than skin and bones, flesh and blood. To say: The human is put in a bigger context than the material world.

Why do I believe that? I simply could say: I don’t know, for ultimately it is a miracle, when a human starts to believe in God. But it has something to do with the scriptures of the bible, and with own experiences of God’s presence, which I gained. I have let myself being touched by the reports of the New Testament about Jesus, his life, his sermons, his death and resurrection. Not because everything is plausible or provable. The spark of faith has sparked itself in me and has changed my life completely. But ultimately, I can’t explain why a person begins to believe in God who has shown us in and through Christ “his heart”.

That the sparkle of faith “inflames” the whole human did not only the disciples experience on Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came like a fire over them. God is present with his Spirit today too and wants to inflame our “hearts” with love to him and the risen Christ.

Old Love


an hour ago this thought came into my mind
“you don’t believe in the right way in God anymore”
because I can remember times
in which God seemed to be more present in my life than these days
I was more conscious of God than nowadays
I assume it has something to do with my time
in the last months I have attended a school for further education
where my mind had to be focused on the daily learning
next week I will start an internship for 2 month
so currently my mind is completely busy with normal life

during my studies of theology it was different
all my daily work was about God and bible studies
it was easy to feel “Christian” and “holy” then
but now my relationship with God seemed to  have become
something like a long term relationship of an old couple
where the burning fire of ecstasy of it’s first love has reduced
to a cozy fire in the fireside
still steady burning but without the passion of the first days
but everything has its time and love has different shapes

when I sit in the tram I like to watch people and especially old couples
you can learn a lot from it
once I offered my seat to an old weak man
but he preferred to stand closely besides his sitting woman
because he was so committed to her
another time I saw an old couple
the man sitting adverse to his wife
it was cold outside and he laid his hands on her thighs
“still warm”
he said with a smile
his wife was embarrassed like a teenager
because of his tender approach and blushed

it was so touching and cute to see the little fire of love burning in them
they have lived their whole lives together in good and bad times
maybe they haven’t told each other for a long time “I love you”
but that was not necessary
because they weren’t two souls but one
united by love

our relationship to God is similar
if you are a Christian for a long time you haven’t always to confirm your relationship
because you are insecure
but your oneness with God has become natural
the love between God and you is expressing itself in loving other people