Universal God


your eyes are
sun and moon
your shiny light let me hopefully make this day
my darkness isn’t dark with you
I make my heart large to fill your universe
but your body is endless
when I look up
I see the uncountable stars
your dancing angels
God’s heart is the earth
listen to its rhythm
breathe in and breathe out
joy and suffering
love and hate
peace and war
coming into being and passing away
but at last
God’s love
who is dancing with his universe

Dear Daisy


your heart is like the sun
your tender arms
aren’t touched by the drops
or are these tears
maybe my own
suffering together
with all what suffers
and is wounded
blessed are those
who still can cry
how strong are those
who can show their true faces
risk to be beaten again
in their vulnerable openness
which is not weakness
but beauty strength and love