My Heart is a Slave of your Tenderness


we both are like homeless children
in a cruel world
only having each other
the darkness can’t threaten us anymore
because we are no longer two but one
united by our love
which is pure light without any shadow
my earth is grounded on your long legs
my heart is a slave of your tenderness
believes every word of your red lips
your skin is tasty like hot chocolate
my only rest is in your lap
every fiber of my body hurts
because you are not here
last night I dreamed about us
my whole body was all feeling
I was totally in my body
but saw us from above
at the same time
lieing on the site close together
without touching each other
unable to do anything
paralyzed by you and me and one
but suddenly a dark shadow
woke me up
leaving a desperate pain behind

The most powerful energy in universe


love is the most powerful energy in universe
it’s simple and doesn’t want to analyze
it doesn’t want to change
but it changes everything
it’s like an offering hand
or an open door
it’s patient like a stone
but vivid like a butterfly
sometimes it has to be hard
but in it’s heart it’s soft and tender
love is the purpose of life

Love me tender


Liebe braucht keine Worte. Doch, Liebe braucht Worte – Liebes-Gedichte. Weil ein Herz, das so stark fühlt nicht still sein kann und seine Gefühle in Worte fassen muss.

Mädels und Jungs, Frauen und Männer, fühlt Euch durch meine Verse dazu inspiriert, eigene Liebesgedichte zu schreiben für die, die Euch am kostbarsten sind.

Alles Gute und viel Glück, Euer Volker


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Love needs no words. No, love needs words – love poems. Because a heart that feels so strong can’t be silent and have to put its feelings in words.

Girls and boys, women and men, feel inspired by my verses to write love poems by your own to those, who are the most precious to you.

All the best and good luck, Yours Volker


Now available as Ebook (4,99 €) and Softcover Pocket Book   (6,99 €)
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