King of Being


I would like to take a beautiful photo for you
with 20 million pixels
with gold and luxury
in high gloss
I have nothing to offer
in this artificial instagram world
with its fancy clothes and beautiful girls
I’m supersaturated by this pile of invented settings
and rich life of high society
I nearly throw up
I only can tell you about an ordinary unmarried couple
in rags and with wound feet
walking the long road
they have nothing but each other and
we are in God’s hands
our lives are rich in him
struggling people who go on to survive
but the girl carries a king under her heart
the one who will unveil society and its synthetic life
the great devaluation
because he is

Do you understand what you read?


We go wrong, when we take the spiritual experiences of the biblical mystics with Jesus and make dogmatic truth claims of them. (e.g. John 1)

It’s like taking a love poem as a medical report about heart arrhythmia.



You let yourself strike twice.
You give away your last shirt.
You look after the lost.
Your crown is not of gold.
Your throne is the street.
Your hands and your heart are broken.

How can we then live differently than sheep among wolves?