The 3 Pillars of Life


laugh live love

life is too short to waste your time with a bad mood
often we are annoyed about small things
and sorrow about things in the future which will never happen
the past is gone
all what we have is this moment

life is vivid and cannot be understood by our minds
we have to live it not to think it

life is full of hatred greed and competition
therefore learn to love
when you have learned to love yourself
you can love everyone
love is the purpose of our lives



if you knew
how hard it was for me
to conquer my fear
to mail you
afraid being rejected
the thought
no everything
in my life
my well build facade
my daily routine
could be destroyed
through my love to you
to move away
to change my life totally
but I’ve already gone too far
opened up too much
to go back again easily
I’m tired of my old life
too much has changed
already in me
feeling trapped

Life is Life


life is breathtaking
sometimes it seems to be
overwhelming turbulent
a lot of things are happening
that we hardly can come along
on the other hand
life seems to be boring and chewy
like black tar
nothing is going on and stays the same
but that’s a mistake in our perception
life is always interesting and vivid
something is always going on
maybe not outside but inside
nearly not to sense
only in the retrospect
or not at all
these times are often
the most precious for our lives
to come back to ourselves

our time likes to talk
about time frames and only opportunities
so we start to get nervous
to mess it up
to say the wrong word at the wrong time
but that’s life too
life is vibrant and full of new opportunities
I love to live
I live to love

Spirituality vs. Sexuality?


from the point of view of eternity
we are souls in a body
but now we are on earth
and we cannot live without our bodies
if the soul suffers the body suffers too
if the body suffers the soul suffers too
body and soul are a unit
and two aspects of our identity
to this identity belongs a spiritual life
but in the same degree a sexual life
spirituality is not from the first good
sexuality is not from the first bad
both are two sides of the same coin
which is our identity
neglecting one side makes you ill
with other words
agape and eros
are no enemies
but have to go hand in hand
to live a fulfilled life of love