My Heart is addicted to your Tenderness (Pocket Book in Square Format)


Love doesn’t need words. Wrong, love does need words – love poems. Because a heart always has to hear again and again, what it hardly can believe. I am loved. “I love You.” Let yourself be inspired by my texts. Love does the craziest things with us. Some become artists, others poets. A heart that loves is full of surprises. The beloved human anyway. – This volume is a new and extended release of my bilingual book “Love me tender.”


Paperback English: 10,99 €
Hardcover English: 16,99€

Liebe braucht keine Worte. Doch – Liebesgedichte. Denn ein Herz muss immer wieder hören, was es kaum glauben kann. Ich werde geliebt. “Ich liebe dich.” Lassen Sie sich von meinen Texten inspirieren. Die Liebe macht die verrücktesten Sachen mit uns. Manche werden Künstler, andere Poeten. Ein Herz das liebt ist voller Überraschungen. Der geliebte Mensch sowieso. – Bei diesem Band handelt es sich um eine Neuauflage und Erweiterung meines zweisprachigen Buchs “Love me tender.”


Paperback Deutsch: 10,99 €
Hardcover Deutsch: 16,99€

Be patient


I’ve been in love with you since June last year
didn’t you hear my love poems
can’t you feel how much I love you
do you know me so less
that I have to prove my love every day
trust my love
currently my batteries are empty
my life situation is complicated
relax and be patient
my love to you is solid
I will mail you in June
be confident
trust in our future

Rhythm of Love (Blues)


I have no penny
I have no dime
but baby tell me is this a crime
my heart is like a motherless child
lonely free and wild
dreaming of the road
long and broad
I’m a drifter
child of the 60s
the blues beats through my veins
feel free beside my pains
cause my baby is not here
every beat calls your name my dear
our shyness is a masquerade
afraid of the wildness that’s in our hearts
beating in the same rhythm
you know love is no prison
dream of your chocolate skin
I’m longing for you to the brim
what others think of us
I give no dime
but baby tell me is this a crime