Morning Dreams


let the world stop its rotation
for one breath or two
for one wink or three
my feet grounded
my mind is sitting on a cloud
I’ve chosen a little white one
look down
everything is so small
down on earth
my problems too
the skin of my face
is feeling fresh from the morning fog
the new week
my dreams give me hope
my feet grounded
reliable earth
trustworthy heaven

Praying – 2nd Edition (Free Epub)

2nd Edition!!! – If somebody would asked me “What would you make differently in your life, if you could start from scratch?” I would answer: “I would pray more and would trust in God more.” “Praying”, the trustful conversation with God is so naturally for the Christians like the air we need to breathe. That is easy said. Is it clear to us, that our faith dwarfs to an ideology, when we don’t pray anymore? Our faith lives by the prayer. Praying is the breathing of the faith. And nevertheless: often we don’t know how we should pray. Even the disciples of Jesus, which come from a rich Jewish praying tradition, don’t know exactly what they should say in the prayer. Actually astonishing, they yet knew the Psalms, the prayer book of the Jews. “How shall we pray?” they ask Jesus. His answer is the “Our Father”. But prayer is much more.What prayer is shall be reflected in this little book. In addition to that I show with own prayers how one can pray. Different scriptures illuminate how the Jews, how Jesus and the early Christians prayed.

Under the Mainstream


under the mainstream
of good looking and likes
of public opinion and public enemy
flows a second stream
of silence self-acceptance and aloofness
which is your true self
when you realize your inner world
you become free of the outer one



I’m longing for the far away mountains
when I’m looking out of my window
the air smells of freedom
would like to spread my wings
to fly with the eagles
to embrace the sun
that is warming my face
I close my eyes
for a few moments
the sound of the train
wakes me up from my meditation
I have to hurry
must get ready
must bow myself to the practical constraints
but feeling stronger now
for this day

ich sehne mich weit weg zu den bergen
wenn ich aus meinem fenster sehe
die luft riecht nach freiheit
möchte meine flügel ausbreiten
um mit den adlern zu fliegen
um die sonne zu umarmen
die mein gesicht erwärmt
ich schließe meine augen
für ein paar augenblicke
das geräusch des zuges
weckt mich auf aus meiner meditation
ich muss mich beeilen
mich fertigmachen
muss mich den sachzwängen beugen
aber fühle mich jetzt stärker
für diesen tag