Psalm 12


Help me, Lord! Who still ask for your will, who still believes these days in you at all? They talk trash, they delude each other, these snake tongues. We set the tone, because we are in authority, God is an illusion.

So the oppressed and poor in society are deluded by the opinion-makers. But especially because of their crying I stand up and help all, who are longing for me, promises God, the Lord.

The words of the Lord are pure like white snow and shine like the morning star.

You Lord want to protect them and us too against the oppressors, from eternity to eternity. Because the godlessness is always increasing. Therefore we ask for your shelter. We are in your hand!

Time is short…

goose-1064406_1920time is short
this very day
at the latest tomorrow
buying dumplings
a fat goose
with red cabbage
that at least my belly
doesn’t stay empty
and the others
who has nothing to bite
bad luck
at the feast of love

defenseless nude
in the cold manger
a child of poor people
struggles itself warm
cries itself
in a short life
that ends blood-red



where first
in poverty
a laughter
brightly flourishes
where a bitter heart takes
the offered hand
a king leaves his thron
a certain night tells itself
a God promises
I don’t want anymore
but helplessly small
only as a human
I want to be amongst you