Love me tender


don’t let them make you hard
my sweet warrior
your vulnerability is for me
the most precious part of you
I know
life is not fair
this demand seems unrealizable
but there is one force in universe
which is able to bridge this paradox
being vulnerable and strong at the same time
it’s the power of love
which is often mistaken as weakness
because you feel weak when you are in love
but contrariwise
finally love gains the victory
to be vulnerable means to be tender
love me tender

The most powerful energy in universe


love is the most powerful energy in universe
it’s simple and doesn’t want to analyze
it doesn’t want to change
but it changes everything
it’s like an offering hand
or an open door
it’s patient like a stone
but vivid like a butterfly
sometimes it has to be hard
but in it’s heart it’s soft and tender
love is the purpose of life