Praying – 2nd Edition (Free Epub)

2nd Edition!!! – If somebody would asked me “What would you make differently in your life, if you could start from scratch?” I would answer: “I would pray more and would trust in God more.” “Praying”, the trustful conversation with God is so naturally for the Christians like the air we need to breathe. That is easy said. Is it clear to us, that our faith dwarfs to an ideology, when we don’t pray anymore? Our faith lives by the prayer. Praying is the breathing of the faith. And nevertheless: often we don’t know how we should pray. Even the disciples of Jesus, which come from a rich Jewish praying tradition, don’t know exactly what they should say in the prayer. Actually astonishing, they yet knew the Psalms, the prayer book of the Jews. “How shall we pray?” they ask Jesus. His answer is the “Our Father”. But prayer is much more.What prayer is shall be reflected in this little book. In addition to that I show with own prayers how one can pray. Different scriptures illuminate how the Jews, how Jesus and the early Christians prayed.

Footsteps in the Darkness (Free Epub)


I’ve gone through a lot of dark times in my life. Especially if you are thin-skinned and sensitive like me, you get fast touched by the events around you. But I don’t want to become cool and tough because vulnerability is the main characteristic of a fulfilled human life. When you can’t feel pain you can’t feel joy as well. My prayers and blessings are the result of my struggles against the darkness. They helped me to overcome the times when I had the blues. Maybe they can comfort you too or inspire you to write down your own feelings and prayers.

Evening Prayer


and now
in the evening
the day resounds
in my tired body
I lay it back
in your hands
that was the best
I could do

and tomorrow
I don’t know
but you are always
yesterday today and tomorrow
are in front of you
like a whiff of your eternity

the silent of this moment
I feel protected by your tender power
humbly I bow down
to your humanity
grateful for your helping heart
in dark times

Prayer in hectic times


when my heart
is filled with my daily routine
don’t give up to reach me

when I don’t have time
to care of you
take care of me

when the world around me
needs my full attention
so that I forget you
don’t forget me

when I go my own way
go with me
and give yourself back to me again

when I’m afraid of the future
open my heart for your love
which drives away every fear

wenn mein herz
angefüllt ist mit täglicher routine
gib nicht auf mich zu erreichen

wenn ich keine zeit habe
mich um dich zu kümmern
kümmere dich um mich

wenn die welt um mich
meine volle aufmerksamkeit braucht
sodass ich dich vergesse
vergiss mich nicht

wenn ich meinen eigenen weg gehe
geh mit mir
und gib dich mir wieder zurück

wenn ich angst vor der zukunft habe
öffne mein herz für deine liebe
die jede angst vertreibt