already since we first met
I’ve believed in your love
I’ve never doubted it
even when you hated me
because you were afraid of me
you didn’t know me then
you’ve been walking around
like a shadow through my life
you always have been with me
I could feel you like a good fairy
who is blessing my way
you were always around
but I never could touch you
this night I woke up
and I knew you were gone
I cried like a child
and I froze
in my lonely bed



I’m in front of a deep abyss, only a little bit surprised that the thrown stone doesn’t trail off somewhere near the ground but continues falling aimlessly, groundless.
Everything seemed neutral to me – worthless or worthwhile.
Like Tom Hanks in the finale of “Cast Away”: Standing at the crossroad, questioning look and this incredible emptiness. Without attachment. If you are dead or alive, it’s one and the same.
If you are a dustman or a doctor, there’s no difference. if you are a priest or a pauper, only an anchorless questionmark. Without an emotional anchorage, without affection.
Only a bland emptiness is laboring through my emotional apparatus.

Evening Prayer


and now
in the evening
the day resounds
in my tired body
I lay it back
in your hands
that was the best
I could do

and tomorrow
I don’t know
but you are always
yesterday today and tomorrow
are in front of you
like a whiff of your eternity

the silent of this moment
I feel protected by your tender power
humbly I bow down
to your humanity
grateful for your helping heart
in dark times