Psalm 16


Protect me, Lord, for I trust you.
So I talked to the Lord: You are my Lord, only you are precious to me. I like those who believe in you. How holy and glorious they are!

But those who don’t know you and chase the gods of this world, will not find fulfillment. Their goals are not mine, for they are no examples for me.

The Lord is my most precious property, my fate is in his hand. I am on to a winner with God. I praise God, he is my counselor; my heart longs for him at night.

I always must think of you Lord, you are by my side and don’t let me go down.

Therefore my heart rejoices, for I am in your hand with heart and soul. You will not allow that I go down, and you will not dispose my soul to death. You show me the way to life. You are by my side means: Joy, plenty, love, for good and all.

Human Impotence


who only feels strong
because he is in society in a stronger position
from which he can oppress others
cannot be proud of his superiority
quite the contrary
he should be ashamed of his paltriness
but he never has dared to penetrate
the region of his own weakness
because he never has experienced enough LOVE
for love is needed
to look at your own shadow
and to be able to live with yourself