You know me


you know me
I love the deep sad and broken
because they know the real meaning of life
and they are like me
even the beauty of the most beautiful
will fade away with time
but your beauty will stay forever
because your heart is full of love
my angel
even if you can’t belief my words
my hands close every wound
and my lips kiss every pain away

Heal my Soul


I’d like to put a spell on you
but I’m like a little bird
just learning to fly
certainly you still supposed
untouched unkissed
hungry for your abc
spell me with your lips
which words you want to hear
from mine
treat me carefully
I feel ill as I’ve been in a war
for a very long time
let me come home
and heal me with your tender hands

The Healer


get ready
let your walls be broken
make your heart wide like the horizon
and deep like the ocean
today is the day to surrender
for the one who is

love peace and glory

the thorn-crowned king
is born among us
gentle and careful
his healing hands
he knows
and alleviates every pain
gentle his love
and tender his heart
to reconcile and to free
to heal what is broken
to wipe off every tear
today is the day to come home



You let yourself strike twice.
You give away your last shirt.
You look after the lost.
Your crown is not of gold.
Your throne is the street.
Your hands and your heart are broken.

How can we then live differently than sheep among wolves?